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a.) s'COOL's Cool - (School Support Program)
b.) The Great Canadian Identity Game - (interactiveself-esteem building program)
c.) The Cool to be Canadian Name Game - (Downloadable gamefor schools or community centre fun)
d.) The Cool to be Canadian Hot List - (Interactivenomination list of Canadians)
e.) Cool to be Canadian Cool Stuff - (Catalogue Pagespromoting Canadian Content )
f.) Cool Photo Shoot - (Spirit program for schools andother community centres)
g.) COOL POOL - (Volunteer bureau of Cool to be Canadian)
h.) Cool to be Canadian Thinktank - (Interactive suggestionpages on Canadian Unity)
i.) COOL FAAX - (Media clippings and background material onthe history of Cool to be Canadian... past, present andfuture.)

Special prices for New commercial sponsors of Cool to beCanadian!

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Areas of social marketing benefit to sponsors of Cool to beCanadian programs.

a.) s'COOL's Cool -Companies or organizations concerned with the welfare ofschools, teachers and students.

b.) The Great Canadian Identity Game -Companies or organizations concerned with nationalstability, esteem and encouraging images, building Canadianconfidence.

c.) The Cool to be Canadian Name Game -Philanthropists, companies or organizations who want toidentify themselves with a light hearted, ice-breaking gamewhich encourages knowledge of well-known Canadians.

d.) The Cool to be Canadian Hot List -Philanthropists, companies and organizations who want tosponsor a constantly growing list of well-known, and newlyidentified Cool Canadians.

e.) Cool to be Canadian Cool Stuff -Business leaders, companies and organizations who want topromote and encourage loyalty to Canadian goods, servicesand Canadians whose jobs depend on them.

f.) Cool Photo Shoot -Imagemakers, marketers and organizations who want to assistin promoting recognition of Canadian Identities in schoolsand community centres all over Canada.

g.) COOL POOL -Philanthropists, companies or organizations who recognizethat Cool to be Canadian runs on the energy and time of itsvolunteers, but still requires financial support to pay thebills.

h.) Cool to be Canadian Thinktank -Corporations or philanthropists who wish to be regarded assupporting the grass-roots initiatives of Canadians.

i.) COOL FAAX -Media and communications organizations who want to identifythemselves with a national effort to support Canadian youth,Canadian enterprise, and Shop Canadian!

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Canadians discovering their identity

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