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List of Volunteers (coming soon - waiting for your passion!)

I will help young Canadians...

Cool to be Canadian Volunteer Form...

From one Cool Canadian to another... Here is an opportunity to support something non-profit, non-partisan,

designed to help your relatives, your friends and other Canadians worthy of your assistance.

We know you think of others besides yourself, but how could you help them before Cool to be Canadian?

You´re sure to find Cool to be Canadian a fun way to grow, and help other Canadians grow too!

As the founder of Cool to be Canadian said a few years ago...

"how can anyone say it isn´t cool to be Canadian ?"

You´re INVITED! as a Cool to be Canadian
Volunteer, Supporter or guest...

Will you help create a huge success?
Pick one or more areas that interest you, for your next Cool party, s'Cool or Public event.

Before a Cool to be Canadian event:

Before the event, I will help find a commercial sponsor to donate 100 items, services, or coupons valued around $10 each.

Before the event, I will help draw up a list of potential Cool to be Canadian sponsors.

Before the event, I will help with the Cool Telephone Network, multiplying and networking my efforts to get other volunteers to invite other Cool Canadians who will in turn, contribute their skills and support to Cool to be Canadian by telephoning or in some other way.

Before the event, I will also help find sponsors for the Cool ID pack, but will be responsible to coordinate getting 100 copies of sponsor's coupons / certificates / products that will be packaged in the Cool ID Packs.

Before the event, I will help find supplies and assemble the Cool ID fundraising packs ( get 100 envelopes and put the coupons and products in them )

At a Cool Event:

I will help as a photographer at the Cool to be Canadian Photo Shoot, bringing my own camera and film.

I will help as a photo assistant for the Cool to be Canadian Photo Shoot, coordinating the model release forms and cooperate in getting all the supplies required.

I will help collect business cards and volunteer offers from potential "COOL POOL" participants who will in turn, offer their experience and assistance to young Canadians in their community.

I will help run the Cool to be Canadian Name Game, transcribing names to the tags, placing them on peoplešs backs, then collecting them for inclusion in the Cool to be Canadian Directory Database. I will coordinate getting all the supplies required.

I will demonstrate the Cool to be Canadian database operation to the media and guests, entering the names from the Name Game

I will help collect and record ideas for the Cool to be Canadian Thinktank. I will bring a hard bound record book to record the ideas and who submitted them and transfer them to the Cool Thinktank as soon as possible

I will help with web site access at the event, providing equipment to view the Cool to be Canadian website, connecting a browser to available phone lines, and demonstrating the site for the media and guests.

I will help the kids with the Cool-Aid fundraising stand. I will construct a box or tub for the donations

I will help the coordinators at the Cool-ID pack fundraising stand. I will arrange a petty cash box with change.

I have an idea how to help in my own Cool Canadian way...

First Name:

Last Name:

Street Address:



Postal Code:

Email Address:

Phone Number:

Fax Number:

Are you a company, group, school?:

Our Cool to be Canadian™ Community Party will be held at:

Here's a brief description of what we intend to do!

Here's my idea not listed above... or... We would like Cool to be Canadian™ to support us in the following way...

Download your
FREE Cool Button
(right click your mouse)
right click your mouse to download it

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Canadians discovering their identity

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