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1. Become a Cool Field Representative
2. Canadian Companies that Support Canadians ?
3. Become a BE/BUY/BOOST™ Merchant on the Cool Site

Be Canadian Be your best...

Buy Canadian Secure a job, support your neighbour...

Boost Canadian Build confidence, opportunity and our future...

The "Cool to be Canadian" Be/Buy/Boost/™ Youth Employment Project

*Since 1992, Cool to be Canadian has been making efforts tobuild the skills and self-confidence of young people, to help themidentify what makes them uniquely Canadian, and to generatePOSITIVE attitudes and opportunities for all Canadians.The Be/Buy/Boost™ project was developed and designed exclusively for Cool tobe Canadian Corp. to focus on helping new Canadian immigrants and aboriginal Canadians.

Here's how it works:
Young people (under 25) will be out in their communities thissummer, with Be/Buy/Boost promotional material and simple licensingagreements, signing up local merchants and manufacturers.

The 3-B.CA promotional material will give local merchants a marketing edge in retailingtheir products, and the 3-B license will maintain the integrity of theprogram and provide producers and retailers the opportunity to "Be Found" in the CoolCAtalogue of CANADIAN MADE products for the wholeworld to see.

*But here's the REAL BONUS... young people presentingthemselves in a community-minded business-like fashion to their home-towneconomy will inevitably stimulate interest and awareness of theirskills, their attitudes and their abilities.

Can you imagine the reception these Be/Buy/Boost marketerswill get from local businesspeople? Our guess is that thousandsof young people will be offered jobs as employers see whattalent and energy resides in their own community, and how theBe/Buy/Boost program is stimulating the local economy.

Everybody WINS with Be/Buy/Boost™

*1. Young Canadians sell the Be/Buy/Boost promotional program to localmerchants and manufacturers pocketing a profit for themselves,their school, community organization or sports team.

2. Canadian merchants and manufacturers gain a marketing edgeover imported items and foreign owned and controlled retailersby sticking Be/Buy/Boost stickers on items for sale and 3-B promotional material in their publicity.

3. Canadian consumers can easily identify authentic Canadian products inthe store, and find licensed Be/Buy/Boost products and retailersby checking the CoolCAtalogue website.

*4. The Canadian people, governments and the economy win when we alltake responsibility for youth unemployment, reducing job loss in small communities, improving spending habitsand gaining the CONFIDENCE that we can solve problems if weBe/Buy/Boost together as Canadians!

The Be/Buy/Boost program was developed exclusively for Coolto be Canadian Corp. by Perception reEngineering & DesignGroup and is used under license. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ©1997, 2004Perception reEngineering & Design Group.
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Canadians discovering their identity

Questions or comments regarding this site? webmaster@cool.ca
Website design, development and management: Perception reEngneering and Design Group.
Copyright 1997 Cool to be Canadian. All rights reserved.
Cool to be Canadian™ is a non-profit, non-partisan corporation.



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- Diane C. Goulet 1999