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It doesn't matter where in the world you live, through Cool to be Canadian™, YOU can have the COOLEST address on the planet!

Cool to be Canadian™ is making available a limited number of EXCLUSIVE "Your_Choice@cool.ca" addresses!

Act Fast!
Help Cool to be Canadian raise funds by participating in the Coolest Address Auction and Sale on the planet! ...and help yourself by getting the Coolest address around!

In order to raise funds and give really cool VALUE for people's donations, Cool to be Canadian is offering, for a limited time, (and obviously limited by the number of available addresses), the opportunity for you to be first on your block to have the coolest, MOST MEMORABLE address in the world...

for example: Cindy@cool.ca, Liquid_Image@cool.ca or Bigshot@cool.ca

Every Friday at 5 p.m., we compare the address requests from PREVIOUSLY REGISTERED COOL CONTRIBUTORS submitted over the previous week, and the Address Auction begins!
If there are multiple requests for the same available name, and your name request is accompanied by a donation of a higher DONATION amount than the others, YOU are the highest bidder and YOU are awarded the new COOL address!

All you do is give us 3 versions of your desired address, and the existing address you want your e-mail pointed to.

We'll figure out the rest...

for example your new "Cindy@cool.ca" would be pointed to your old not-quite-as-cool "csmith1789@UNINTERESTING.COM"

Cool to be Canadian™ will give best choices of Cool addresses to new and existing members on a first-come, first served basis.

The minimum opening bid amount is the cost of a coffee per day in your community*

If you prefer to pay by fax or by mailing a bankdraft or certified cheque, please add10% handling fee.

Orders received by post or courier must be be manually keyed in, therefore, requests received through secure electronic transaction have time/date stamp advantage over manual address-name transactions.

*Subject to verification... Canadian home addresses pay in Canadian Funds, all home addresses outside Canada pay in U.S. Currency. All taxes are extra, calculated based on province (there is no tax on sales outside Canada)

Note: The information below will remain private and confidential as long as that is your desire.
Your COOL name, address or email will never be listed, used, sold or distributed to another party, except in the case of communicating information about the status of your account with us.
Cool Addresses appearing on public lists at this site were voluntarily submitted by the licensed users of those addresses.

YES, I want a COOL address!
First Name or Cool Alias:

Last Name:

Street Address:



Postal Code:

Email Address: (Must be accurate)

Phone Number:

Fax Number:

Your Company / Organization:

I want my first choice Cool Address enough
to donate the generous amount of:
  $ ( ).to the

Cool to be Canadian non-profit!

My first choice is:

My second choice is:

My third choice is:

You can also send your cheque or postal money order to:

Cool to be Canadian
Cool Access E-MAIL Processing Centre
933, Station H
Montreal, Canada
H3G 2M9

I understand that although there are no refunds of donations, I may continue submitting name requests until an acceptable one is found. My renewal date will be one year less a day from final acceptance.

Download your
FREE Cool Button
(right click your mouse)
right click your mouse to download it

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Canadians discovering their identity

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