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Fun and Games
The Cool to be Canadian Name Game

Recognizing Canadians is what Cool to be Canadian is all about... so playing the name game (suggested and adapted by Karen)was a natural.
Playing the Cool to be Canadian Name Game increases our awareness of the many Cool Canadians around us, from history, current affairs, entertainment, sports... every aspect of our society.

We had fun playing the Cool to be Canadian Name Game, we hope you try the Cool Name Game with your friends ( click here to HOW TO PLAY page ) and then suggest Cool Canadians for the Cool to be Canadian Hot List!

Playing the Cool to be Canadian Name Game Lee-Ann, Catia, , and Ron congratulate each other on being first to guess the names of Cool Canadians on their backs.

Svitlana and Tracey meet to try and discover who they are!

Am I famous Canadian Clothing Designer Alfred Sung, yes or no?

Hey, this cool guy even looks like musician Gino Vanelli!

1165_20 "Gino Vanelli" and Jason conference about the Cool to be Canadian Name Game.

Cool Web Site Launch

*Fun and Games

Cool Virtual Reality Game

Cool Music

Cool ID Pack

Cool Photo Shoot

Comments by the many volunteers and contributors present included:

"this is EXACTLY what we should be doing all across Canada... what fun!"

"Promoting Canadian products, Canadian people, Canadian spirit... why didn't we start this years ago?"

more comments...

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Canadians discovering their identity

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