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What is Cool to be Canadian?

Is Cool to be Canadian a spiritual movement?
Could be. Not in the sense of organized religion... but certainly Canadians are searching for something that gives them comfort.. something that directs their energies to doing good for their neighbours, their community, the community of communities. Something beyond imported ideals and empty consumerism.

Why is Cool to be Canadian a virtual organization?
We use the media of the Internet because it more accurately reflects the Canadian reality. We are spread across a vast land. We live in a network of interrelated but distinct communities. Canadians have always been pioneers in communication, and early adopters of attitudes and technologies of problem solving through communication. A virtual organization linked to each other and the world is really a reflection of what it is to be Canadian.

But computers and Internet access is only for the relatively rich.. what about average Canadians and especially the poor?
True. We are at the beginning of the Internet phenomenon, not everyone has access... but right now students in almost every school in Canada can gather around a computer for access, interaction, discussion and experience. Remote northern communities have Internet access at community centres, libraries and town halls. Southerners have thousands of access points.

How to you expect to build community with lonely individuals hiding behind computer screens?
Yes, Cool to be Canadian is about the individual, but it is also about individuals getting together as a Cool community. Many of those people "hiding" behind computer screens are, in fact, communicating more frequently, honestly and creatively than many of us that ride the bus, go to a movie or shop in the supermarket.

Cool to be Canadian will grow to be a community camp fire, where, as our ancestors did, we will virtually sit around the glow of the phosphor embers, tell stories, plan expeditions, recount and recognize what those around us have done, and are doing to make being Canadian so cool.

Where does the money go?
Cool to be Canadian started out as a personal effortbankrolled by its founder beginning in 1992. T-Shirts were printed and sold to raise money, and the money re-invested in promoting the cause of unity and volunteerism.

In 1996, after considerable deliberation regarding new social,technological and political circumstances in Canada, herealized that not only was the timing perfect, and the needgreatest, but that his personal resources were not enough tosucceed with the Cool to be Canadian effort.

Volunteers were recruited and organizations who would defer payment untilCool to be Canadian could raise funds were found.

These award winning web pages designed to stimulate Canadianloyalty and pride are the result.

But we've only just begun.

We are now activity raising funds to pay our past bills,reward those who selflessly volunteered in the past withstable incomes for the future, and build a promotionalmachine the likes of which Canadian volunteer efforts have neverseen before.

Why do we need the money?
Among our first objectives are:
- Translating the site into French, Inuktituk, Mohawk, Cree and other languages spoken byCanadians.

- Developing a MADE IN CANADA Canadian product catalogue to promotebuying Canadian.

- Developing our speakers bureau and Cool Photo Shoot teamto travel Canada, discover Canadian talent and spread the Cool to be Canadian Message.

- To hire the best that Canada has to offer, to promote allof what Canada offers, and to recognize and celebrate volunteerism.

Who can say it's not Cool to be Canadian?

Well, we certainly agree it's "Cool to be Canadian" or "cool d'être canadien ", as it is our Registered Trade Mark! We are happy to share it with other Canadian organizations and manufacturers, and simply ask that you respect the law, and help grow our volunteer organization by paying a small fee and licencing the use of OUR name.

The easiest way to access the "Cool to be Canadian" Trade Mark and the CoolCAtalogue of MADE IN CANADA products is to participate in the 3-B.CA Be, Buy, Boost Canadian program.

Corp. Cool d'etre canadien® / Cool to be Canadian®Corp. is a federally chartered non-profit organizationoperated by a voluntary board of directors.

Perception reEngineering and Design Group and The Cool Agency are just two of thecreative and design agencies serving Cool to be Canadian® Corp.

Mohawk.ca is the official Internet service provider for Cool tobe Canadian.

The Lion's Club Manor Mailing Services, Copies Concordia and NextSuccess are the officialfulfillment services for Cool to be Canadian Catalogue of products.

Cool to be Canadian is seeking official suppliers for:Advertising services
Photography services
Transportation services
Accommodation services
Media services
Telecommunications services

if your organization wants to join the "Cool to be Canadianbandwagon" as an official supplier, don't hesitate tocontact the founder of Cool to be Canadian,at info@cool.ca (please indicate clearly the purpose of your communication and what program you are interested in..)



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de l'esprit du Cool!

- Diane C. Goulet 1999

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Canadians discovering their identity

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