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of talent available to young Canadians...
Cool to be Canadian is creating a pool of communicators, organizers, promoters,professionals, entrepreneurs and organizations willing to contribute opportunity andexperience to young Canadians.

Discover Opportunities at Cool to be Canadian

Corp. c'est cool d'être canadien / Cool to be Canadian Corp. ©1992,97,99,00,02,04 is anon-partisan, non-profit corporation devoted to serving the interests of Canadian youth.
933 Station H, Montreal, Quebec CANADA
for more info contact.


From one Cool Canadian to another... Here is anopportunity to support something non-profit, non-partisan,designed to help your relatives, your friends and other Canadians worthy of your assistance.

We know you think of others besides yourself, but how could you help them before Coolto be Canadian?
You're sure to find Cool to be Canadian a fun way to grow, and help other Canadiansgrow too!
As the founder of Cool to be Canadian said a few years ago...how can anyone say it isn't cool to be Canadian?

Looking for a way to make a real difference ?At Cool to be Canadian we are creating a pool of dynamic / responsible professionals,entrepreneurs and organizations willing to contribute opportunity and experience to youngCanadians.
Our strategy is to build the confidence and spirit of young Canadians, providing themaccess to our experience, opportunities and promotional network.
Our goal is to encourage all Canadians to re-define, expand and promote their individuallyCool identities..
We are not flag wavers.
Our mission is to promote the individuals that make up Canada to each other and the world,regardless of their colour, language, location or background.
Much as we love the symbol, and what it represents, we don't use the flag in our strategy.Cool to be Canadian concentrates on real people, not abstract concepts, interpretations oralliegences.
How do we do it?We pool our professional talents in a non-profit, non-partisan organization and open thedoors of experience to the young.
Does this help?
If you know a young person struggling to be heard, an entrepreneur trying to make it tomarket, or someone searching for their identity in this big world... be a Cool Canadian, helpthem recognize they're Cool to be Canadian too.

What will you contribute?
We don't want your money... we want YOU
Cool to be Canadian also needs cool products & services for distribution and fundraising...cool accommodation, travel and support to move personnel and spread the message... cooloffice space, equipment and telecommunication services to network the organization acrossCanada... and cool, non-partisan government / industry / media cooperation to promote the Cool tobe Canadian effort.

Cool to be Canadian emerged in 1992 from the Canadian Unity Thinktank, a privatecitizen initiative and forum for the expression of creative ideas. Cool to be Canadian hasappeared in publications from small community newspapers to the front page of the Globe& Mail.

Corp. c'est cool d'être canadien™ / Cool to be Canadian™ Corp. ©1992,97,99,00 is anon-partisan, non-profit corporation devoted to serving the interests of Canadian youth.
for more info contact:933 Station H, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. H3G 2M9

Don't Forget, Everyone Must Wear Cool Shades to Cool events!sunglasses

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Canadians discovering their identity

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Copyright 1997 Cool to be Canadian. All rights reserved.
Cool to be Canadian™ is a non-profit, non-partisan corporation.