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Cool Canadian Site

Cool to be Canadian is Becoming a Very Popular Site, but we wantto spread around the good fortune!

These pages are our "Link Exchange".

If you are interested in being listed here, please send us ane-mail quoting the URL of your link to the Cool to be Canadiansite- when our browser panel finds that you are indeed a CoolCanadian site, we'll gladly list you right HERE, FREE!

Supporting Cool to be Canadian
1. Downloadable Cool Button nowavailable, click (use your mouse's right button) this cool button image to download it.

2. then, please copy the following html script onto your web page to activate the link.
<!------------------link to cool to be canadian------------------->
<a href="http://www.cool.ca"><img src="cool_download_but.gif" alt="Cool to be Canadian(tm)" width="90" height="30" border="0"></a><!---------------------------------------------------------------->

FREEworld- the Federation of Responsible and Ethical EntitiesFREEworld(tm)

"Think: Opinions, Ideas and Commentary a Cool and useful site of searchable indexes featuring newspaper and magazine opinion/editorial pages... updated daily."

"click here to visit the WEB SITE CAFE on the West Island of Montreal,where Cool Volunteers are meeting to help their neighbours clean up after the Ice Storm"

" Click here to visit a very Cool Canadian supporter in Japan.Learn some Japanese from the Daimatsu English Centre,visit the town of Yokaichi, and visit some very generousdonors to the Cool to be Canadian effort!"

Here's AlliE, an early Cool supporter...

Proudly Canadian Music

Hugo Fernbom's Canadian page

The website and its creator were proudly created in Canada! Tania Hutchison


Net 1000.net Network

RhyneCats Alpha Index

CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY (Montreal) Voulnteering Information

Dan Good @ Virtual North

Maple Square


Moto Mania Racing

DMOZ -Largest Human-Edited Directory on the Web

MB Technologies


Stein Valley Ancient Rockpainting Designs

Canadian Guide.com


Samourai International, PO BOX 62, Magog, QC

Satirical American View of Canada
Perky 'Canada' Has Own Government, Laws

Check out the Canadian Donut Institution - "Tim Web"
- you'll find some info about Mr. Horton the hockey player and other cool stuff too!

CanadaSearch! What's New In Canada!

Canadian Lottery Updates

Canadian Launch Platform

Canadian Broadcaster Steve Dotto

Canadian Teens Online

Proud to be Canadian


Canadian Community Radio ( Hamilton / Wentworth )

The Canadian Youth Unity Conference

Make Art, Get Wired, Get Paid


Canada National Debt Clock

Cool Canadian Organizations and People in the Prairies

Cool Canadian Organizations and People in B.C.

Cool Canadian Organizations and People in Ontario

Cool Canadian Organizations and People in Quebec

Cool Canadian Organizations and People in the Maritimes

Cool Canadian Organizations and People in the North

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Canadians discovering their identity

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