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Cool to be Canadian Launch Party

Corp. c´est cool d´être canadien
Inuktituk language
Cool to be Canadian Corp.
27073/11A Winnipeg Square, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3C 4T3

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Sunday, February 10th 1997

Cool to be Canadian Launch Party
Sunday, February 16th, Winnipeg Winter Club

In 1992, the seed of Cool to be Canadian was planted in our collective subconscious with front page coverage in the Globe & Mail... five years later it has burst back on to the national scene as a response to misguided government policies regarding youth opportunity.

Cool to be Canadian has identified that we must pull ourselves up by the bootstraps, with each Canadian citizen taking responsibility for their own future and the future of their children.

To help build our confidence from sea to sea to sea, Cool to be Canadian has developed an approach which focuses on the individual... celebrating and recognizing that each of us has something to contribute to our community.

Cool to be Canadian is an answer to a feeling we all know in our hearts Canadians across the country are special, many talented and all distinct and unique in the world. Not because of our form of government, our industry or commercial skills, but because of where and how we grow up together.

A community of individuals The challenging environment all Canadians live through, forms an individual who, regardless of language, cultural background or strata of society, learns to survive and prosper anywhere in the world.

Our belief is that once "average" Canadians realize how un-average they really are, and how many "really cool people" from the Canadian cultural environment populate the world stage, we'll begin to see a renewed respect for ourselves, an appreciation for our international talent and in the process, encourage ourselves to produce more world citizens who call their home Canada.

Their future's so bright, they've gotta wear shades The official uniform of Cool to be Canadian is to wear sunglasses. No fees, no party affiliations, nothing exclusive. In fact, by the time you've read this, you're probably already a member.

Cool to be Canadian is about positive reinforcement... our message is that regardless of your current job situation or social status, as a Canadian you are gifted with opportunities unavailable elsewhere... and what you make of that opportunity is up to you.

National Launch from the Cool Centre of Canada...at the Winnipeg Winter Club.

Starting at 7:00pm on Sunday, February 16th, 1997 at the Winnipeg Winter Club, Cool to be Canadian will be hosting student & teacher representatives from local schools, entrepreneurs from the community and volunteers recruited to multiply the Cool to be Canadian effort.

Through activities designed to illustrate the diversity of opportunity for young Canadians, and to instill confidence and goodwill, the event will include:

  • The Cool to be Canadian Photo Shoot
  • The Cool Canadian Name Game
  • The Cool Canadian Directory
  • The Cool to be Canadian Web Site Launch
  • The Cool to be Canadian Thinktank

The Cool to be Canadian Organizing Kit will be introduced for students to run their own Cool to be Canadian events at their local school, college or university.

Cheap sunglasses will be sold at the door for those who arrive unprepared, and a Cool to be Canadian ID kit containing valuable products, services and information will be sold as a fundraiser.

We thank the initial supporters and contributors to the Cool to be Canadian Launch in Winnipeg for their foresight, faith and imagination: Aikins, MacAulay & Thorvaldson, Canglobe Inc., Della Sil Fancy Chocolates , Elite Aesthetics Plus, TeleNet Telecom, The Blender Party Group, Global Village Travel Store, Liquid Image, Miles Gordon Travel, Explorasport Adventure Coordination Group Inc. Networkx Computer Gaming Centre and The Winnipeg Winter Club, We look forward to the support and contributions of local and national media, employers, cultural and educational organizations across Canada.

The Winnipeg Winter Club is located at 200 River Avenue (at Donald) (204) 452-3311

Inuktituk language (Inuktituk language)
Cool media coordinator / volunteer:

Roy Pennington, c/o CKY Television (204) 788-3300 Fax: 788-3399

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Canadians discovering their identity

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