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Initiatives presented from Unity Thinktanks and registered with Cool to be Canadian are reviewed and in some cases considered for special start-up funding by Cool to be Canadian.

The Traveling Unity Thinktank & Showcase
Unlike any government commissions of the past, touring exhibits or previous unity programs, the independent Unity Thinktank and Showcase is the first truly "interactive" grass-roots effort to help the citizen stakeholders of our country to speak to each other and exchange ideas without middlemen, media filtering, government spin or interference. Cool to be Canadian is ACTION & RESULTS oriented. The initiatives presented through the Thinktank succeed on their own merit and public acceptance. The unique process of the first Unity Showcase held Canada Day 1992 was best described by a Showcase participant from the "It's our country, Let's Talk" initiative, Ines Herten-Greaven ... "The idea is to bypass the politicians and the press..."*..and get right to the heart of Canadians! *( Montreal Gazette, July 2nd 1992 p.A3 )

Interested in starting your own Thinktank? let us know through the web based thinktank below. Interested in Canadian Made Goods discovered through Cool to be Canadian Unity Thinktanks and Showcases? see the Cool ID Packs people across Canada have put together for you.

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Canadians discovering their identity

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