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Philip McMaster AHSc. MBA
President, Réseautage Global-E / Global-E Networking


"Tips on Networking, Satellite Radio and Canadian Content"
Invisible Cities' 2005

Saturday September 10th, 2005
FACE School Auditorium, 3449 University Street, MONTREAL (above Sherbrooke Street, University exit from McGill Metro station) 9:00am - 5:00pm
Tickets $20. in advance,$30. at the door (514) 807-4171
Download full colour pdf HERE

more details at Invisible Cities site


Ecotourism in China : Endogenous paradigms for SW China's indigenous minority peoples.   John Studley   May 1999
"8.1 The challenge of Forest Parks
"...the "McDonaldization"(1) of tourism...."
" (1) A homogenized consumer wasteland, with the same buses, the same soulless hotels, the same services, the same uniforms, and a loss of the unique and the authentic (McMaster 1999, Ritzer 1993)"
Mcmaster P 19/4/99 "Stop Homogenization to Protect Tourism" in China Daily Beijing

2005-08-24 - Melbourne Australia - Photo of Dr. Elspeth Frew and famous Australian comedian Wil Anderson at the Just For Laughs Festival during Dr. Frew's visit to Montreal and presentation at the 4th Symposium : Consumer Psychology of Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure at HEC Montreal July 17-20 2005.


2005-05-10 HEC Montreal - Spring 2005 - Teaching MBA Course Entrepreneurship II - Sector Analysis & Business Opportunities - Photo - Link to Global-eZone

2005-05-16 - Montreal - Organized Computer and Cell Phone Recycling Event "AucunOrdiPerdu" - "No Computer Should Go To Waste" . Major sponsors: DELL INC., Recyc-Quebec, Ville de Montreal, Ecosys Canada , Mackie Moving Systems, PolarWeb, Little Animation Inc., Virqua Innovations, Humaniterre and ReBoot Montreal.

2004-01-14 Ottawa CANADA Withinsight Post-Secondary Leadership Conference (January 2004) – “

2003-10-5 Itaunas BRAZIL - Fórum de Ecoturismo de Conceição da Barra

2003-10-16 SAO MATEUS, Espirito Santo Brasil - Presentation on Eco-Entrepreneurship - Presentation at Faculdade Sao Mateus University.

Newspaper ARTICLES:

2003-10-25 SARIOL SOSA, SARA (October 25th 2003) – “CONFIRMACIONES, EXPECTATIVAS Y ESPERANZAS” – (SPANISH) Philip McMaster is quoted referring to excellent human capital in the Cuban tourism industry, and the experiencing the historical trail of the Cuban revolution. Sara Sariol Sosa La Demajagua 10/25, Provincia de Granma, CUBA

2003-10-24 LA DEMAJAGUA WEBSITE "Cuba brinda una experiencia turística muy especial, afirma turoperador canadiense" (SPANISH) Sara Sariol Sosa - Fotos: Luis Carlos Palacios

2003-10-18 SARIOL SOSA, SARA (October 18th 2003) – “el desarrollo sostenible” - (SPANISH) Article refers to marketing strategies suggested by Philip McMaster to raise awareness of endangered species through research tourism. Sara Sariol Sosa - La Demajagua, Provincia de Granma, CUBA.

2003-10-07 PACHECO, SANDRA (October 7th 2003) – “Conceição da Barra no turismo internacional” – 300 word (PORTUGESE) article in Esprito Santo State newspaper reporting Philip McMaster’s visit to sustainable tourism facilities on the Cricaré river, and analysis of international marketing opportunities in the region of Conceição da Barra. October 7th 2003, A GAZETA,. Vitória, BRAZIL.

2003-10-5b UZELIN, PATRICIA "Preservação e desenvolvimento unidos "
"Os participantes foram surpreendidos por temas bastante interessantes e pela presença do consultor canadense Philip McMaster, especialista em marketing voltado para o ecoturismo." Guia Itaúnas - Conceitos internacionais .

2003-10-5a UZELIN, PATRICIA "McMaster conquistou o público pela simpatia"
"Os participantes do Fórum de Ecoturismo de Conceição da Barra foram surpreendidos por temas bastante interessantes e pela presença do consultor canadense Philip McMaster, especialista em marketing voltado para o ecoturismo." Guia Itaúnas - Conceitos internacionais Brazilian Website

. 2003-10-04 UZELIN, PATRICIA (October 4th 2003) – “Fórum de Ecoturismo propõe modelo de desenvolvimento” – 500 word (PORTUGUESE) article in São Mateus newspaper reporting on the Ecotourism Forum, with photos of tourism marketing consultant Philip McMaster speaking to an audience of 200 from the community of Itaúnas and surrounding area. Patricia Uselin, Tribuna do Cricaré, São Mateus, BRAZIL.

2003-10-04 UZELIN, PATRICIA (October 4th 2003) – “Temas atraentes mantêm participantes envolvidos” – 300 word (PORTUGESE) article in São Mateus newspaper describing the backgrounds of speakers at the Ecotourism Forum. Patricia Uselin, Tribuna do Cricaré, São Mateus, BRASIL.

2003-09-17 STAFF (September 17th 2003) – “Fórum mobiliza empresários” – 250 word (PORTUGUESE) Article announces invitation of Philip McMaster as an International Tourism Consultant to the Conceição da Barra Ecotourism Forum. September 17th 2003, Tribuna do Cricaré, São Mateus, BRASIL.

2003-09-16 STAFF (September 16th 2003) "Itaúnas sede fórum de ecoturismo" VALE DO ITAUNAS, BRASIL

2003-06-30   JANNOTTI, Ricardo, Assessoria de Comunicação , - (June 30th 2003) "Ambientalista continua visita em áreas de preservação " - Secretaria de Estado de Meio Ambiente e de Recursos Hídricos - Espirito Santo 2nd Press Release (in Portuguese)

   2003-06-25   JANNOTTI, Ricardo, Assessoria de Comunicação , - (June 25th 2003) " Governo recebe ambientalista canadense em suas áreas de preservação - Secretaria de Estado de Meio Ambiente e de Recursos Hídricos - Espirito Santo Government Press Release (in Portuguese)

2003-03-26 YOUNG, ANDREA. (March 26th 2003) Photographer takes risks for pics at peace rally "Photographers like Philip McMaster know from experience that capturing great images requires bravery because pictures from the sidelines are a dime a dozen. McMaster, a Concordia University graduate in applied human sciences and teacher at Dawson College's Centre for Imaging Arts and Information Technologies for courses like Event, Sports and Adventure Photography (ESA), is a freelance photographer who covers various parades, protests and events."
"Photographer takes risks for pics at peace rally" March 26th 2003 - Andrea Young, The Concordian, Montreal.

2003-03-26 PATRIQUIN, MARTIN. (March 26th 2003) Peach March "Philip McMaster doesn't count himself as a protester. In fact, as a photography teacher at Dawson, he considers himself 'pretty close to an establishment guy' - Martin Patriquin, Montreal Mirror

2003-03-26 McMASTER, P. (March 26th 2003) 'It's a war out there' - Photojournalism prof beaten "I am shocked by the lack of judgement in police over-reaction to last weekends peace demonstration, and I'm in awe of the low regard for civil rights and creeping fascism I witnessed first hand over the course of events. The obedience and complacency of Canadian society, media compliance and worry over American opinion of us is simply not cool."
- Philip McMaster "First Person", The Suburban

2003-01-15 YOUNG, ANDREA. (January 15th 2003) McMaster looks beyond the lens "Like a light at the end of a long tunnel of media coverage and reputation debate at our university, shines the story of an accomplished Concordia graduate making a difference in the world. Philip McMaster is settling down from a life of globe-trotting and adventure to mold impressionable young minds."
"McMaster looks beyond the lens" Former Concordia University student puts his world expeditions on the backburner to teach DAWSON COLLEGE students - Andrea Young, The Concordian, Montreal.

2002-10-10 BROWNSTEIN, BILL. (October 10th 2002) "Canadian cool not about weather" Montreal, Montreal Gazette (Original Article: Bill Brownstein,

2002-08-08 Community Based Tourism Development in Kyrgystan
For the "Helvitas" agency of Switzerland by Philip McMaster
Kyrgystan August 2002 (In RUSSIAN & KYRG) Article translated from English to Russian marks similarities of "Mountain People" in Canada and Kyrgystan, outlining opportunities for Community Based Tourism (CBT).

2002-05-10 LAZARUS, Jennifer (May 10th 2002):"Canada looks south of the border to brighten its image"
Columbia School of Journalism, NEW YORK Jennifer Lazarus, Columbia News Service

2000-10-12 STAFF (Oct. 12 2000)"Philip McMaster, a student in Applied Human Sciences, has a parallel career in eco-tourism as president of Explora Sport, and we profiled his activities in CTR in our January 13 issue. He has been invited to join the federal government’s next “Team Canada” trade junket to Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, scheduled for November."
Barbara Black, Concordia University Public Relations Office.

2000-01-13 ISHAK, N. (Jan. 13, 2000) Adventure entrepreneur turns eco-networker Montreal, Nadine Ishak, Concordia’s Thursday Report Adventurpreneur

1999-04-19 McMASTER, P. ( Apr.1999) "Stop homogenization to protect tourism" Beijing, Philip McMaster, China Daily.

1999-04-17 McMASTER, P. ( Apr. 17, 1999) "Private group helps HK nature" Hong Kong, Philip McMaster, China Daily.

Chinese BOOK:
1999-03-01 CAO MIN (1999) "China's First Green Tourism Guide", Philip McMaster of Explorasport Adventure Coordination Group featured on Page 23 ." ISBN 7-80127-617-5

"Adventurpreneur" Newspaper ARTICLES:

1998-11-11 MAJID, S. (Nov.11, 1998) Dubai 'has potential as adventure travel hub’" Dubai, Sabita Majid, Gulf News Image:

1998-07-01 DESLAURIERS, D. (1998) "Les Laurentides s'ouvrent au tourisme d'aventure" Daniel Deslauriers, INFO DU NORD

1998-07-01 ZACH, N. (1998) "International Adventurpreneur brings Certification System to Laurentians" Neil Zach, Perspective Magazine

Japanese MAGAZINE:
1997-11-30 HIROSHI NISHIMAKI - Philip McMaster on Expedition to Dragon Mountain, Kyoto,Japan featured in Trial Journal Magazine (Japan)

Newspaper ARTICLES:
1997-02-16 "Cool to be Canadian Launch Party"- PRESS RELEASE, Sunday, February 16th, Winnipeg Winter Club

1997-02-13 MARK PERRY - "New group hopes to fire up patriotism" - Winnipeg Sun, February 13, 1997.

1995-05-06 Travel Logs (Travelogues) 4X44U Video magazine. Expedition to the Heart of Mundo Maya - a documentary being made by Philip McMaster as he travels through the wilds of Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize and Mexico as a participant in the Camel Trophy rally. - -

Expedition to the Heart of Mundo Maya - a documentary being made by Philip McMaster as he travels through the wilds of Honduras, El Salvador, Guatamala, Belize and Mexico as a participant in the Camel Trophy rally.

Adventurezine and
4X4 4U - Travel Logs (Travelogues)


1995-05-04 Expedition to the Heart of Mundo Maya : Travel through Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Mexico with Philip McMaster.

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1995-02-01 Philip McMaster featured as a character in "SPACE IN YOUR FACE - Aboard the Transcontinental" FANTAGRAPHICS COMIC BOOK, "Zero Zero" in story about SpacePort Canada.
"Joy around the neck comiks" from Fantagraphics Books July 1995 issue - Comic Book Cover

"Where on earth do you think the most rocket launches have been? ... The correct answer is the Churchill Research Range" ..Page 1

Comic Cover and note from author "Collier"

1994-07- Canadian Space Agency - Philip McMaster Communications (Juillet 1994)"Une autre première canadienne en transport spatial"

1994-07-04 Canadian Space Agency -Philip McMaster (Communications Division), at Akjuit Aerospace Inc.,

1994-02-23 MURGA SOLARES, O. (1995) "ARCAS Guatmalan Forest Protection and Animal Rescue Organization" Uaxactun, Guatemala

Newspaper ARTICLES:
1994-01-11 PHILIP MCMASTER (1994) LA PRESSE - Article and photos featuring Ovide Mercredi & Cardinal Ruiz consultation during Zapatista uprising in Chiapas, Mexico.


In 1993 the Expedition to the Heart of Cuba explored the underwater cave systems of inland Cuba and the Cuban and Canadian people who operate tourism facilities on the island.

In 1995, the “Expedition to the Heart of Mundo Maya” traveled through Central America recording efforts of community tourism development, habitat preservation, anti-poaching and wild animal trade operated by young Guatemalans practicing Eco-Entrepreneurship.

In 1997, the Expedition to the Heart of the Dragon Mountains followed a group of young eco-friendly motorcyclists in Japan.

1998 found the Expedition to the Heart of Arabia in Egypt and Dubai, exploring local sporting traditions with an environmental angle.

Again in 1998, the Expedition to the Heart of Hong Kong and the Expedition to the Heart of China explored and compared the adventure sports and environmental activities of Chinese citizens and expatriates.

The Expedition to the Heart of Rondonia was invited to the Brazilian Amazon state of Rondonia in the spring of 2003 to explore how rubber tappers are becoming eco-tourism hosts to save their communities and compensate for the declining rubber business.

Expedition to the Heart of Mundo Muqueca was invited to the Brazilian states of Espirito Santo and Bahia in 2003 to explore and experience the diverse cultures and environmental factors analogous to this unique Brazilian fish stew.
The growth of international eco-tourism pressured the need for cross-cultural understanding and preservation of cultural and environmental heritage.

The Expedition to the Heart of Mundo Cubana in 2003 explored the ecology of the 1957 Cuban revolution in rural Granma province and the present-day relationship with international eco-tourism.

Academic REVIEW:
1993-06-01 D.M.R. BENTLEY - Philip McMaster, Macdonald's Statue & Cool to be Canadian- STUDIES/DOCUMENTS/REVIEWS No. 32, Spring/Summer, 1993 - University of Western Ontario " Monumentalités" -

Newspaper ARTICLES:
1992-11-26 J. MARION FEINBERG - Canadian? It's cool - Westmounter dreams up stunt. J. Marion Feinberg - The Westmount Examiner, November 26, 1992

1992-11-17 "Vandal leaves 'FLQ' in spray paint " Front page Coverage for Cool to be Canadian in the Montreal Gazette , November 17, 1992.

1992-11-17 "Lost his Head" Front page Coverage for Cool to be Canadian in Canada's National Newspaper, The Globe and Mail, November 17, 1992.

1992-07-24 ALBERT NERENBERG - "Cool to be Canadian is taking off" Albert Nerenberg -The Montreal Gazette, July 24, 1992.

1992-07-10 ALBERT NERENBERG - " Hot line for cool Canadians frowns on nerdy nationalism" by Albert Nerenberg - The Montreal Gazette, July 10, 1992.

1992-07-08 "Sir Wilfrid Laurier wakes up, speaks" - The Montreal Downtowner July 8th 1992

1992-07-02 GEOFF BAKER - " 'Unity Think-Tank' lets people air views on constitutional fray "-, THE GAZETTE Thursday, July 2, 1992

1992-07-01 "Unity Thinktank Form" (Pamphlet) 1992

1992-06-23 "Unity Thinktank" participants enthusiastic" - The Montreal Downtowner, Wednesday, June 23, 1992

1992-06-10 PHILIP MCMASTER - "Keep smiling…" - Montreal Downtowner June 10, 1992

1992-06-09 " IlLANA SCHWARTZ - "Ideas wanted on Canadian unity , Consultant hopes 'Pro-Canada Showcase' will help - THE GAZETTE, MONTREAL, TUESDAY, JUNE 9, 1992

1992-05-05 "Pinning your faith on the flag" - The Westmount Examiner & The Montreal Downtowner, May 5, 1992.

1992-05-01 QUÉBEC IS OUR HOME. Let's make Québec at home in Canada. McMaster followed up with a statistical analysis 1992.

1992-04-16 ALISON RAMSEY - "Are you Canadian ?... Notice anything small, lately?", The Westmount Examiner April 16th 1992

1992-04-02 "L'amour d'un pays / Passion for Canada "Philip McMaster, Campaign launched in Montreal April'92

1991-07-15 ROSA VETRANO - "New group preaches partying over politics." .The Chronicle, July 1991

1991-07-01 EILEEN TRAVERS - "Bloke Quebecois tongue-in-cheek "fun" raising" - The Montreal Downtowner July 1, 1991

1989-05-10 PHILIP MCMASTER, Publisher "Les Laurentides a la carte" bilingual dining guide Communications MCM Associates ISBN 0-9694289-0-1

UpNorth News - community newspaper for the Laurentian Region of Quebec, Canada COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER:
1987-1991 PHILIP MCMASTER, FOUNDER/PUBLISHER - UpNorth News (Originally The UpNorth Reporter) Community Newspaper serving the Laurentian region.

Newspaper ARTICLES:
1979-01-25 SPOTLIGHT ON CANADA - Sarnia Observer January 25, 1979.

1979-01-19 " Philip McMaster, federal information officer. " Barrie Examiner January 19, 1979.

1979-01-13 " Federal information officer Philip McMaster " EXPOSITION ENDS TODAY - Timmins Daily Press, January 13, 1979.

Grandfather A.R. McMaster K.C. MLA MP

Work History

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