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Cool to be Canadian - Canada Day Parade, July 1st, 2002


A huge success!

Cool.CA and reBOOT Rule!

Thanks to all of you on the scene, in the parade at the parties and behind the scenes too!

The events were a complete success, everyone did a fantastic job, and there were no problems except the extreme heat!

We looked BIG, (bigger than some cities we know!) and made quite an impression on the organizers of the Canada Day parade in Montreal.. judging from the cheers, clapping and "Cool!" was "OUR" parade!

When you have a few moments, please write me an email and tell me any stories of being photographed or captured on the news cameras, or things you heard people in the crowds yelling out to you. The CBC wants to interview some of our Cool Volunteers from all our associated organizations.

I will follow up on your stories / comments and collect as any comments and images as we can find for our website and the media followup.

As soon as you have digital images from the parade, let me know. Today I will take my film in and get it processed for Friday.

Let's make it Canada Day 365 days a year... and keep Cool this summer with more events and volunteer fun!

Philip McMaster & the whole "Cool Crew"
Cool to be Canadian / Cool d'etre canadien

Click here for the Canada Day Organizing committee web site


It's our 10th Anniversary (1992-2002) so our objective is to get people across the country to think about and generate 10 reasons it's Cool to be Canadian.

As always, our main objective at Cool.CA is to recognize and reward volunteer contributions to society, and the parade will be an opportunity for the crowds and media to appreciate some of these people up close and personally.

In recognition of the good corporate citizens that support our efforts at Cool to be Canadian, we "support our supporters" by drumming up enthusiasm for our "Be, Buy, Boost Canadian" / "ETRE, ACHETER, PROMOUVOIR CANADIEN" program.

Would you like some Cool.CA "Cool to be Canadian" balloons for YOUR Canada Day (or any Canadian event) anywhere in the world?
Please Let us know at least 3 weeks in advance!

The Cool to be Canadian portion
of the parade will be divided into three sections:

Front of Parade - Section one
LOCAL "Cool Canadians"

Original members of the Unity Thinktank held in Dorchester Square in 1992,
(Click here and send us your name if you or someone you know was involved in the early days)


"Great Montrealers" and Volunteer representatives from local volunteer agencies

(Click here and nominate a "Great Montrealer" to walk with us in the parade)

Middle of Parade - Section two

NATIONAL "Cool Canadians" Volunteer representatives who helped during:
A. Eastern Ice Storm
B. Manitoba Flood
C. Saguenay Flood

(If you or someone you know was involved in helping others during these events,
click here to tell us about your volunteer participation during a national need)

Last of Cool section in Parade
- Section three

INTERNATIONAL "Cool Canadians" Canadian Volunteer representatives from:
Sept.11, Red River Flood in the U.S., etc.
(Click here to tell us where you helped)

The International section includes "Honourary Canadians"for their efforts to promote understanding of Canadians in their local communities. Cool to be Canadian will welcome volunteer participants from:
U.S.A, China, Pakistan, Indonesia, Morocco etc.

Specially invited guests include Ashley Troutman, a 15 year old from Kansas who thinks it's Cool to be Canadian

(Click here to add your country to the parade)

After Parade Party
- Details given out during parade

REALLY BIG PARTY "Celebrity Sunglass Social"

Cool to be Canadian volunteers and members will mix and mingle with Cool Canadian Celebrities at our 10th Anniversary "party of the summer"!

Everyone wears cool YOU are the celebrity too!
All parade participants are invited!
Get your personal invitation with your order of cool stuff!

or the
for volunteers

So order cool stuff to wear in time for your parade!

Promotional opportunities leading up to the Canada Day Parade:

FINDING AND RECOGNIZING the original people involved in Cool to be Canadian.

CONTESTS to name 10 reasons it's Cool to be Canadian, and write it on our "Cool.CA" t-shirts

ENCOURAGE TOURISM to Canada by recognizing "honourary Canadians" who promote understanding of Canadians in their home towns and, in turn, encourage their friends to travel to Canada.

ENCOURAGE LOYALTY to Canadian businesses, entrepreneurs who promote themselves as Canadian businesses (.CA)

(Click here to join as a sponsor of Cool.CA's BE, BUY, BOOST Canadian Campaign)


Sponsoring /Participating Organizations:

Contact CIRA

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