Here's a letter from a young American, who thinks it's Cool to be Canadian...

I know I am not famous, yet anyway, but I have started something big.

I live in the USA and I am sick of people not giving Canada the credit it deserves.

I buy Canadian whenever available: batteries, cereal, deodorant, Avon, if it says "Made in Canada" chances are I'll buy it.
My friends at school all think I am crazy because even though I have never been to Canada I treat it as my second home.

Canada rules; it is a country rich in culture and is the "least expensive place to business" according to "The Costco Connection" magazine.

From the USA I am trying to group together smart teenagers at my high school to join my club, Canadian @ Heart, to celebrate everything Canada.

I have even almost talked my orchestra teacher into letting us play "Oh, Canada" at our spring concert.

Keep on truckin' Canada, someday you'll all get the recognition you deserve!

Ashley Troutman
Kansas, USA

Ashley also gave us the names of her "Canadian @ Heart" movement members -
Alex Bodine, Cheryl Bornheimer, Alex Fuller, Kelsey Hayes, Chris Horn, April Lawson, Amy Waage and Katie Wallace

Another wonderful letter from Ashley...
*********************** 5/15/02

Dear Mr. McMaster,

I believe that one of the most meaningful things one can do is to be an active member in one's community.
Whether this is volunteering, taking part in local government issues, or just showing pride and support, all help make our communities a better place to live.

I belong to so many communities; school, neighborhood, state, country, continent, and world.
I am actively involved in many school clubs and activities, I strive to keep my neighborhood a beautiful place to live, I keep up with state government, and I am a proud, patriotic American.

As a member of the North American Community, I feel it is my duty to support everyone in this community.

I would gladly volunteer my time (and snappy wit) to help others gain a more complete understanding of just how crucial it is to support Canada, just as Canadians have supported Americans for decades.
In doing this I hope people will understand what a pressing issue this is, because unless we can understand our closest neighbors and friends, we can never be open to accepting other, less hospitable neighbors on the global front. So, when I support Canada, I seek also to support the global community.

When I first wrote to you to tell you about my "Canadian @ Heart" movement, I never expected an e-mail reply; I just wanted to let you know that you had some big American supporters.
I was so astounded when you called my house the same night that I sent you the e-mail!
First of all, it was the first time I have ever spoken with a Canadian, and I couldn't believe that you wanted me as a member of your really "cool" organization!
And to further the reward for a tiny little e-mail, you set me up for an interview for a huge world wide publication!
I am still in awe about all these wonderful thing happening to me so quickly, and it just goes to show you that you can be greatly rewarded for just doing something so small.

My group and I are attempting to come up with a very public way of celebrating Canada Day 2002. My mom suggested calling the local newspapers and TV stations; they often do public interest stories and might be willing to do a segment. However, we really don't have any solid ideas on how to approach this; could you suggest a few?


Ashley Troutman
Kansas, USA