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NFP Toolkit - Volunteer Management Software

The NFP (Not-For-Profit) Toolkit is Canadian made, volunteer management software that assists Volunteer Managers with: recruiting volunteers, recording volunteer application information, contact information, availability and qualifications, matching the right volunteers to each job, communicating with volunteers and scheduling volunteers.

Volunteers can access their own records online, giving them the ability to update their contact information, sign up for jobs, view and confirm their scheduled assignments and record their volunteer hours. The ability for volunteers to access this information is not only a benefit to the volunteer but also to the volunteer manager. Any information submitted by a volunteer is added immediately to the database that drives the volunteer managerís software.

Affirmative Software Technologies President Tony Goodrow says it was his own volunteering experiences as a Rotarian, helping with local festivals and as the founding chair of a hospice in his community that triggered the idea to leverage internet and database technology to streamline the way organizations recruit, schedule and retain volunteers.

"Not-for-profits often lack the financial resources to invest in time saving technology, and even if they had more resources, there is a lack of software designed from the volunteer sectorís perspective," says Goodrow. To fill the gap, Goodrow launched an intensive product development initiative in 1999, investing significantly with his own capital towards volunteer management technological innovation. "I am motivated by my conviction that there are tremendous opportunities to save valuable volunteer management time, engage volunteers in a way not previously possible, grow the voluntary sector, and foster more collaboration between complimentary volunteer groups."

The software is unique in the volunteer sector. It is the only Canadian made product of its kind and it considers the bigger picture of the whole community in addition to serving the needs of individual organizations. Volunteers who volunteer for more than one organization can see their schedules and other relevant information for all the organizations for which they donate their time. Volunteer opportunities added to the software can optionally be displayed within The Community Hub, a web-based, searchable database of volunteer opportunities across the entire local community. Schools and businesses can view reports on the volunteer hours of their students and employees (provided the volunteer requests inclusion on the report).

To facilitate the acquisition of the software at no expense to the not-for-profit, the NFP Toolkit has been designed to include the recognition of individual organization and regional sponsors who pay the licensing fee on behalf of the organization(s).

The NFP Toolkit is now in use in Canada, the USA, New Zealand, Mexico and South America. More information on the software can be found at Cool to be Canadian or by contacting,

Tony Goodrow

Affirmative Software Technologies
or NFP Agent,
Cool to be Canadian Corp.

905-637-0512 / 1-800-844-1545

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