The Cool Access project, (the "CA" in Cool.CA,)
seeks to maintain and expand Canadian's leadership position in the global information economy.

Beginning with the internetworking of on-line directories of businesses, organizations and institutions in Canada, Cool.CA in cooperation with the Be, Buy, Boost Canadian program will provide local youth and businesses the means to thrive in the new digital economy, focusing on the human and relationship capital of community interaction, direct, transparent access to information and promotion of products and services, and the continuous re-creation of the Canadian experience.

Cool's ultimate goal is to improve the lives of all Canadians by enhancing the way Canadians live, work and do business and how they access the evolving structural capital internetworking Canadian “smart communities” from province to territory and the world.

Cool Access is about embracing the new digital economy and transforming the way in which public, community and commercial services are understood, conducted and accessed.

Don Tapscott in a recent lecture at HEC Business School in Montreal, (a leader in "WIRED" schools spoke of emerging business webs and how membership in self-organizing, distributed alliances with location based transactional capability will build on the wealth contained in relationships, and dominate the global economy.

The vision of Cool Access is to provide Canadian volunteers, institutions, businesses, tourism operations and public service workers with cool tools to exploit the value and power of citizenship in the coolest country on earth.

Philip McMaster,
Montreal, February 2002

Photo taken at HEC Business School in Montreal
following Don Tapscott's Lecture on the Hypernet.

Overview of Cool Access Tools