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Abonnement Global-E / Membership Application:

The first step... let Global-E know who you are... your background and how you fit in the world of business leadership and entrepreneurship.

Send Global-E an e-mail here. You must be:
- a 2nd or 3rd cycle student [Masters / PhD] or
- sponsored by a member who is a 2nd or 3rd cycle student or
- sponsored by a club or association affilated with Global-E

Ateliers / Workshops:
Presentations by
training industry professionals

Learn the essential skills of networking and leadership

11/ 27 / 2002 Workshop Photos

Wednesday, November 27th 6:00pm

Peter Palmer, V.P. Dale Carnegie Quebec


Ateliers / Past Workshops:

04/ 17 / 2002 Complet / full
04/ 25/ 2002 Returning…Register Soon
Peter Palmer, V.P. Dale Carnegie Quebec

17:15 (5:15) New Group Information Session
19h (7:00) Networking "Social" Event for groups from 17th & 25th

Activites Reseautage / General Networking Activities:

Members accepted into the Global-E network, and "Graduates" of the Global-E Networking Workshops are included in invitation lists to networking activities, entrepreneurial groups, venture capital meetings etc.

Rencontres Exclusives / Exclusive Networking Meetings:

Once you are an accepted member of Global-E, and meet the criteria, we match your expressed interests, areas of knowledge and competence and provide your profile to business leaders when they select who they wish to meet.

Previous Meetings:
90 minute meetings with 8-10 people selected by business leaders

06 / 12 / 2002
Paul Desmarais, jr. Co-CEO
Power Corporation of Canada

Etudiants / Students: Hu Chen, Christian Kamel, Gabriella Dragomir, Frank Hahn, Isabelle Tachereau, Chantale Godbout, Carolyn Denis, Boubacar Bocoum, Maurice Gendreau, Philip McMaster.

05 / 9 / 2002
Robert J. Briscoe, Chairman / Président du conseil d'administration
La Chambre de commerce du Canada

Etudiants / Students: Steve Stutz, Du Zhuo, Alex Laurenceau, Jennifer Hassard, Jean-Michel Laurin, Jean-Francois Banville, Dominique Bel, Jean-Francois Collard, Moez Ghorbel, Philip McMaster.

05 / 8 / 2002
Howard Silverman, CEO
Corporate Affairs International

Etudiants / Students: Serge Girard, Lyne Leclerc, Catherine Paul, Michael Siegman, Dara Greenberg, Xiaopeng Zhang, Philip McMaster.





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